Museo del Tabaco (Caguas)

Caguas cuenta con un Programa de Gestión Cultural admirable y único en Puerto Rico.  Les incluyo uno de los lugares a visitar y el enlace a un artículo que  Ivette Romero-Cesareo  público en su blog.

Museo tabaco

I will briefly sum up her descriptions. The Museo del Tabaco [Tobacco Museum] in Caguas, contains tools, graphic art, photography, and film detailing the history of the tobacco industry, as well as a replica of a tobacco-curing shack and a live artisan workshop where you can watch the entire cigar-making process. Caguas also has Casa del Trovador Luis Miranda “Pico de Oro” and the Centro Musical Criollo José Ignacio Quintón, both dedicated to traditional Puerto Rican music. The first, in honor of celebrated singer of traditional Creole music Luis Miranda “Pico de Oro,” houses a collection of typical instruments used on the island, which include the cuatro, the güiro, the tiple, and the bordonúa. The second, details the evolution of music in Puerto Rico, exploring its Taíno (Native American), European, and African roots through the centuries.

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